From a Bahá’í perspective, the purpose of life is to draw closer to God (to know Him and to worship Him) and to acquire virtues which will be necessary in the next world. Suffering seems to be one of the ways God has given us to help us attain these two goals. Often it’s the suffering arising from abuse which causes people to search for spiritual solutions and strive with heart and soul to apply those solutions to prevent further suffering. Having said that, the Writings recognize that although suffering may be the cause of spiritual development, it is never a justification for inflicting or ignoring abuse, failing to assist those who are suffering abuse, or failing to call to account one who is perpetrating abuse. Since violence and abuse ravages all regions of the world, affects all economic and educational strata and all the suffering arising from it destroys all types of families, learning how to overcome it is one of the urgent needs of this age.

The hard-won wisdom such suffering and searching bring to the development of individuals, families, communities, and institutions may be one of the most precious fruits of the mystery of suffering. Through an exploration of spiritual principles, we are inspired and motivated to struggle towards creating healthier families for a happier and more peaceful world.

This section of the website will be dedicated to providing quotes from the Writings to enable the reader to better understand the purpose of life and the spiritual dimension of our struggles; the actions which contribute to abuse and violence, and how to break the cycle; the effects on the victim; the consequences for the abuser; effective tools for healing and recovery and the role of individuals, families and institutions in the healing process.

“O ye lovers of God! In this, the cycle of Almighty God, violence and force, constraint and oppression, are one and all condemned.” ‘Abdu’l- Bahá